When we band together, amazing things are possible.

What started as 2,100 ideas to address the 2014 Lincoln Vital Signs findings, turned into a focused community agenda to lift Lincoln higher.

People from all sectors of our city have stepped up to make Lincoln even better. Much has been accomplished. The next phase continues and deepens our focus on prosperity for all Lincolnites.

Lincoln Vital Signs reports help the community Be Informed and Prosper Lincoln encourages the community to Get Involved.

With many partners and through multiple community building efforts, the vision for Prosper Lincoln is:

Early Childhood

All children have access to high quality early childhood care and education which lead to a more available workforce today and smarter workforce tomorrow.

 Action strategies for Early Childhood include:

  • Promoting Step Up to Quality programs
  • Raising funds for early childhood scholarships
  • Developing a Lincoln Office for Early Childhood

Innovative Workforce

People have careers, employers retain skilled talent and there is a culture of innovation that fuels economic success. 

Action strategies for Innovative Workforce include:

  • Streamlining job training and placement programs
  • Attracting talent through recruitment and retention resources
  • Creating entrepreneurship opportunities

Affordable Housing

All residents live in quality housing they can afford which leads to healthier and more stable families.

Action strategies for Affordable Housing include:

  • Developing financing programs
  • Ensuring health and safety of housing
  • Addressing problem properties

Strong Neighborhoods

All people and places to thrive through engagement and support of local initiatives created by those who live there.

Action strategies for Strong Neighborhoods include:

  • Deepening relationships within neighborhoods
  • Building capacity through assets of residents
  • Accessing support and resources

Civic Investments

Citizens have sustainable opportunities to work, live and play which will lead to a stronger and more vibrant city.

Action strategies for Civic Investments include:

  • Funding sustainable infrastructures
  • Building economic drivers
  • Investing in community spaces

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