Step Up Awards

Awarded to Spreetail

  • for participating in Reverse Pitch, inspiring students to explore tech fields
  • for co-hosting State of the Practice, giving students a look at e-commerce
  • for sponsoring Future Builders Challenge, identifying student innovators & entrepreneurs

Awarded to Kidwell

  • for creating a STEM program for high school students
  • for encouraging exploration of high-demand construction careers
  • for opening teenagers to possibilities in fields they haven’t considered

Awarded to Pixel Bakery

  • for volunteering to mentor Future Builders Challenge participants
  • for supporting the advancement of future entrepreneurs, innovators & builders
  • for creating a promotional video pro bono for the program

Awarded to Lincoln Housing Authority

  • for providing affordable housing to families undergoing nancial stress
  • for presenting diverse books to children through the Reading Matters program
  • for replicating the success of Reading Matters across the country

Awarded to UNL Computer Science and Engineering

  • for preparing students for the future’s most innovative, challenging & promising careers
  • for leading the planning & hosting for Reverse Pitch & State of the Practice
  • for connecting student attendees to opportunities in Lincoln’s tech industry

Awarded to Lincoln Literacy

  • for helping Lincoln residents learn English so they can succeed in the workplace
  • for working with TMCO, providing on-the-job English training to refugee employees
  • for assisting refugees with medical backgrounds learn English to acquire medical field jobs

Awarded to Don’t Panic Labs

  • for providing tools & counsel to help growing Lincoln-area businesses
  • for mentoring students in the Future Builders Challenge
  • for creating & maintaining MyLNK app

Awarded to Neenah Foundry, Deeter Operations

  • for participating in employment fairs offered by EmployLNK
  • for hiring a veteran in cooperation with the local Veterans Administration
  • for discussing job opportunities for veterans via the Veterans Administration

Awarded to Nebraska Department of Labor

  • for playing a crucial role in the success of EmployLNK
  • for connecting agencies & organizing employment-focused events
  • for serving over 5,000 residents through EmployLNK

Awarded to TMCO

  • for investing in the well-being & futures of their employees & families
  • for supporting quality early childhood care & education
  • for promoting & providing employee skill building programs

Awarded to Acklie Charitable Foundation

  • for providing funding for Learn to Dream scholarship to Lincoln students
  • for improving post-secondary education options for low-income students
  • for helping 5,000 high school graduates advance their educations at SCC

Awarded to Kabredlo’s

  • for recognizing employees need peace of mind about their children while at work
  • for creating Kanga Child Development Center
  • for opening the Center to both employees and community members

Awarded to Ameritas

  • for ongoing investment in the Future Builders Challenge for volunteering
  • for Reverse Pitch and State of the Practice events
  • for recruiting tech talent for Lincoln

Awarded to Barnes & Noble

  • for selecting Read Aloud Lincoln to receive Holiday Book Drive donations
  • for donating and distributing 2,200 books to preschool children
  • for promoting community engagement and childhood literacy

Awarded to Bryan Health

  • for recognizing impacts of reading & creating two Bryan Health Little Libraries
  • for encouraging visiting families to take a free book & read each day
  • for offering themed libraries that capture children’s imaginations

Awarded to Steve Parker

  • for encouraging Hy-Vee employees to graduate, then promoting from within
  • for participating in local hiring fairs
  • for donating 300-400 donuts every year to Project Homeless Connect

Awarded to Sampson Construction

  • for donating expertise & time to Dimensions Education Programs
  • for assisting in remodeling a building serving babies & young children
  • for doing it with courtesy & creativity, finishing on-time & on-budget

Awarded to Brian Ardinger

  • for mentoring & coaching Future Builders Challenge participants
  • for providing IO Summit engagement for high school entrepreneurs
  • for leadership & support of numerous innovation initiatives