Community Agenda

Prosper Lincoln is bringing together people from across our community to make our city even better.

Using the findings from Lincoln Vital Signs as a starting point, community-wide discussions were held to help set priorities and establish a community agenda for positive change.

The Prosper Lincoln Engagement Team invited representatives from all sectors of our city – businesses, nonprofit organizations, neighborhoods, government, faith communities, philanthropies and individuals – to answer, “What should our community do to ensure youth are successful, our economy grows and our community is strong and vibrant?”

More than 2,100 ideas were gathered and synthesized by the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center. Then the Prosper Lincoln Steering Committee used this information to engage Work Groups in setting goals and objectives for the community agenda.


Community Representatives

Engagement Team
Cathy Lang – Coordinator, Leirion Gaylor Baird, Wende Baker, Jacob Buchholz, Rick Carter, Jenni Christiansen, Rich Claussen, Barbara Fraser, Roger Garcia, Stephen Griffith, Pat Haverty, Rick Hoppe, Pam Hunzeker, Lea Ann Johnson, Jaci Klein, Meg Lauerman, Tyler Mainquist, Linda Major, Robin McDannel, Betty Medinger, John Neal, Sarah Peetz, Bob Rauner, Deb Schorr, Michael Shambaugh-Miller and Larry Williams

Steering Committee
Barbara Bartle – Tri-Chair, Rich Bailey – Tri-Chair, JoAnn Martin – Tri-Chair, Jim Abel, Shanon Al-Badry, Carrie Al-Zuheri, Msgr. Liam Barr, Tom Beckius, Mayor Chris Beutler, Wendy Birdsall, Beatty Brasch, Eric Buchanan, Bill Cintani, Tim Clare, Tracy Corr, Sheila Dorsey-Vinton, Dan Duncan, Larry Evermann, Anthony Goins, David Graff, Brian Hastings, Katie Haszard, Paul Illich, Steve Joel, Jim Keck, Brad Korell, Craig Lewis, Wally Mason, Ross McCown, Cynthia Milligan, Kim Moore, Angie Muhleisen, Fred Ohles, Patty Pansing Brooks, Dave Pauley, Harvey Perlman, Dustin Petrik, Mike Renken, Kim Robak, Kim Russel, Robert Scott, Kent Seacrest, Vi See, Lori Seibel, Clay Smith, Tom Smith, Bill Stephan, Ava Thomas, Art Thompson, Patrick Timmer, Wendy Van, Rich Vierk, Brian Wachman, Larry Williams and Scott Young

Early Childhood Work Group
Lori Seibel – Chair, Msgr. Liam Barr, Jim Blue, Aaron Bowen, Eric Buchanan, Anthony Goins, Katie Haszard, Steve Joel, Lea Ann Johnson, Marjorie Kostelnik, Jim Krieger, Meg Lauerman, Cara Lucas-Richt, Betty Medinger, Cynthia Milligan, Kim Moore, Cindy Morris, Tanya Murray, Clay Naff, Helen Raikes, Trixie Schmidt, Susan Sheridan, Eileen Vautravers and Becky Veak

Employment Skills Work Group
Rich Vierk – Chair, Jim Abel, Wende Baker, Jeannine Berge, Beatty Brasch, Rich Claussen, Pat Haverty, Dennis Hoffman, Dan Hohensee, Paul Illich, Ruth Karlsson, Jim Keck, Tim Kenny, Vicki Leech, Linda Major, Mike Milbourn, Andrew Ritta, Kim Russel, Bryan Seck, Jeff Shimek, Ava Thomas, Wendy Van, Larry Williams and Scott Young

Innovation Work Group
John Neal – Chair, Brian Ardinger, Tom Beckius, Wendy Birdsall, Steven Bors, Jacob Buchholz, Ernie Castillo, Jeff Cole, Mark Crawford, Shane Farritor, Terry Heimes, Pam Hunzeker, Jeff Jirovec, Scott Lawson, Pat Leach, Tyler Mainquist, Dorris Miller, Adam Morfeld, Sam Nelson, Chuck Norris, Haleigh Riggle, Jennifer Rosenblatt and Jay Wilkinson


Strategic Plan

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